Python Setup

08/11/2023 12:00

Installing Python:

Windows Users: Downloading the installer from the above link is probably the easiest way, but if you are used to Linux, you may instead wish to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux: Installing Python on wsl is the same as installing it on ubuntu.

MacOS Users: Some versions of MacOS already have Python installed. Run python --version in your terminal to see if python 3 is installed. If not, follow this guide:

Linux Users: There's a good chance you already have Python installed; run python --version or python3 --version to make sure that you have python 3 installed (some distros will have both python 2 and 3 installed; thus the need to check both.If you are running Debian/Ubuntu: 

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install python3.6

If you are running a Red-Hat based distro (Fedora, CentOS, Rocky, RHEL):

$ sudo dnf install python3

Conda Installation

Conda allows you to create virtual environments for your projects. You can install it here: you have issues downloading Conda, you can use venv (which comes installed with Python) instead.

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